Holiday Season Safety Tips – How to avoid cooking fires incidents

The holiday season is rapidly approaching and we are entering one of the most festive times of the year. Unfortunately, it can also be a deadly time of the year. Cooking and smoking are activities that require careful attention. When you add alcohol to the mix, the combination can lead to disastrous and often fatal results. Many fire deaths are caused by people attempting to cook or smoke while under the influence.

Why is fire safety especially important during the holidays?

Statistics (1) show that one in three fire deaths occur during the Christmas holiday period (November, December and January).

  • Cooking fires account for 22% of all residential fires and for 27% of all bodily injuries. Cooking left unattended is the cause of 52% of all cooking fires. Stovetop fires account for 71% of all cooking fires. The average dollar loss per cooking fire is over $27,000;

  • Smoking and cooking are the two main causes of fatal fires during the holiday season. Injuries caused by smoking account for 1 in 10 home fire injuries during the holidays. Smoking accounts for 30% of all home fire deaths during the holidays.

(1) Resource information : Office of the Fire Marshal & Emergency Management

To enjoy a safe holiday season and prevent fire incidents, please follow these tips:

Stay in the kitchen when cooking.

Never leave the kitchen if there’s something cooking on the stove. If a pot catches fire, don’t try to move it. Cover the pot with a lid to smother the flames and turn off the burner. For optimal protection, always have a Reinoldmax extinguisher handy. Reinoldmax is the ultimate fire safety tool to rapidly put out all incipient cooking fires ;

Keep things that can burn

(cooking utensil, paper towels, etc.) a safe distance from the stove;

Always verify that the stove/oven is turned off

before going to bed;

Use an electric fondue pot.

Fondue parties, a Christmastime favorite, represent an important fire hazard. Always install the pot on a stable surface and if you use a fondue set with burner and combustible, never refill the burner while it’s still hot. Always keep a Reinoldmax container near the table for added safety precaution;

Drink responsibly.

Alcohol and cooking can easily become an explosive mix. Excessive alcohol consumption is a contributing factor in many residential fires. Remain vigilant and keep an eye on any drinkers in your household;

Ensure all cigarettes and other smoker paraphernalia are properly extinguished.

Provide large, deep ashtrays for smokers. Cigarettes can smoulder among upholstered items for hours before igniting. Check sofas and chairs for cigarettes that may have fallen between the cushions.

Place candles in a sturdy holder

so they can’t be tipped over. Keep candles away from anything that can burn and always blow them out before leaving the room. Keep candles away from children and pets, keep them out of bedrooms and keep them away from the Christmas tree.

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Happy and safe holiday to everyone!